C and C++ obfuscator.

Version 1.1

Beak is a small tool that can be used to lose weight of your source code, and generate obfuscated C and C++ source code by default. All user defined symbols can be replaced by very short tokens results that the compiled final binary will be smaller than its normal compiling.


  • Smaller binary.
  • Hide API call, concrete implementation, techniques used.
  • Unreadable source code that can prevent source code leaked (encrypt).
  • Add difficulty for reverse engineering (decompile).


Convert Source Code

  1. Drag your project folder into Beak from Finder.
  2. Click to select a target directory, the output files will be placed there. E.g:
    Target directory: /Users/username/Desktop
    Output directory: /Users/username/Desktop/projectname-lt (lt means lite)
  3. Select one of the programming languages from the toolbar for your source code.
  4. Click the "Start" button on the toolbar to start the conversion.
  5. When the process completed, all replaced symbols will be listed in tokens.txt under the target directory.

General features

  • Parse all macros, global variables, constants, structure and member, class, and function definitions.
  • The generated source code will still be located in its original line so that comparing to the original source code line by line become very easy.
  • All comments kept in its original position to improve the readability.
  • Fast parse large projects that have hundreds of files.

If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and found Beak by searching.

Advanced Usage

If you need to filter a large number of predefined symbols but not handled by the current version. Or required to support a new programming language. Please contact us.