Speare code editor

Speare is an ultra lightweight code editor and a small IDE that provides debugging environment for C, C++, Ruby, mruby, Lua, Python, PHP, Perl and Tcl. It was originally developed to providing a native scripting language debugging environment that seamlessly integrated with C and C++, and with an efficient code navigation and call routines tracing ability. Speare has very simple interface that allows end user to add a new programming language code runner, parser, syntax highlighting, code formatter and debugger to it. Speare has two version, a free version and a pro version, the free version provides all the features of the pro version. You can use the free version to debug C and C++ project, and debugging projects that written with scripting languages including Ruby, Lua, Python, PHP, Perl and Tcl. Most of the debuggers supports extending themselves in source code level and directly switch between any version of self-compiled scripting language interpreters. You can also kindly donate the author by purchasing the pro version (Speare - Donate version).