Peoples in that great land be ruled as hogs, their memory almost killed by "garbage speaking language" and "garbage writing" from outside garbage animal tribe. The animals continually destroying the real spirit, civilisation and memory of mankind, and faking to its own junk "language" and junk "writing". The kind peoples isolated in that big hog-sty and feed as hogs and their children also be feed by slaver education and be ruled as hogs when a baby they are, they even don't know that.


Barudise is a charity fund plan to rebuild education system and computer system to make different people groups to use their own real nature languages in daily life.

Speaking My Language! Writing My Language!
Free Learning, Free Communication, Free Creation!


Anida Audio Codec is an audio codec and audio compression format that can be easily applied to large number of technology and product.

Bye-bye! MP3!
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