The Future is Back to The Beginning.

The next generation intelligent microcomputer.

The future of mankind was hidden in the past, the true memory of mankind. But, the monster still continually killing the memory of mankind, exterminating their nature language, faking their writing system, pronunciation system, history, culture, everything, enslaving and oppressing millions of people as hogs, without dignity, faith and personality. The kind people live in the monster's big lies, full filled their brain with garbage after "education", live as slaves of outside savage tribe, live as benighted inferior beasts without consciousness, never doubt the monster's tyranny, all their life. The monster cheat people by its fake "ancient" garbage script, fake "ancient" garbage dictionary, faked absurd "garbage characters", garbage "language", millions of people forced to say the garbage "language", even be "educated" with benighted hatred towards the people who can save them. Any book written with these "garbage characters" is rubbish. Any network, TV, movie, software, and any stuff that made with the garbage "language" are rubbish. Anybody who learns, uses, or spreads the garbage "language" is rubbish, and become its accomplice benightedly. More and more people outside of the hogland infected by the virus, i.e. the monster’s evil "language". Can you tolerate your friends, family, or children eating the sh*t when they learning or speaking the evil "language", the sh*t of the monster? Can you tolerate them live without dignity under the monster's rule, by its "slave education", "slave management"? The new IT, language education can be a beginning to change the situation, let the kind people learn and speak true nature language of mankind, let them live with a little bit of dignity and free spirits.

The Foundational Technologies of Computer System Are Rather Outdated Now.

The infrastructure of current computer system was developing began in the 1960s, they are not designed for nature languages of mankind, and they are not suitable for today's IT environment, for efficient information express, storage, and search.

The new designed computer system will make computer rational and natural, completely change the reading and writing system of nature languages of mankind, and will deeply change the IT industry, education industry and publish industry. Operation system, programming language, storage system and database, user interface, desktop publishing and internet will be completely rebuild. IT companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Adobe, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, will be completely changed or disappear!

Knowledge Transfer

In 2017, Sevenuc Consulting invented a series of groundbreaking technologies to process text and nature languages, education system, publishing system, computer system, and dictionary, book, website will be deeply completely changed, and will deeply affect and change how people learn nature languages. Anyone of them is a new disruptive innovation that will set the standard in industry research and will revolutionise the whole industry. It exceeded $100 billion dollar to transfer them at least. It is a big investment opportunity, unlike normal investment, billions of profits can be earned in short time from the alliance and system licensing with only a few investments on the initial stage. We are looking for a suitable investor for the series of projects that will reshape the world by culture, education and IT. The candidates may be Japanese, German and Arabian. Please send us a message for further connection if you want to participate in the great things.


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