The outside animals ruled them more than 300 years until today, they even know nothing about that!

Peoples in that great land be ruled as hogs, their memory almost killed by "garbage speaking language" and "garbage writing system" from outside garbage animal tribe. The animals continually destroying the real spirit, civilisation and memory of mankind, and faking to its own "garbage speaking language" and "garbage writing system". Billions of kind peoples isolated in that big hog-sty and feed as hogs and their children also be feed by slaver education and be ruled as hogs when a baby they are, they even know nothing about that!

The so-said hero infact is just crimer. The so-said great man infact is just garbage. When the girl singing childishly with ruler's garbage language, when the old soldier talking his story, they’re just the ruler's toy to educate the billions of hogs to love the country and protect it. What is the country? The country is just the outside animal group's playing place used to ravage peoples' home. The country is just the evil organisation's machine used to fake and destroy the civilisation of human race. The country is just a slaver land controlled by several families to ruler the billions of hogs. They're hogs fooled by the ruler's slaver education with its garbage speaking language and garbage writing system. The garbage speaking language and garbage writing system are shit on the table of human race. Anything based on the garbage speaking language and garbage writing system is garbage. It's faked so-said culture relics, its faked so-said ancient writing script and its today's garbage writing, faked so-said ancient book and dictionary, and it's emperor named garbage dictionary, all of them are big lies used to fool the world. And its today's school book and dictionary used by its slaver education, and music, movie, painting and other so-said artworks and other hog feeds, including its garbage TV and garbage inner network. It's just sick vomiting when they speaking. The isolated billions of hogs can't speak human's natural language and even don't known that they're hogs.


Barudise is a charity fund plan to rebuild education system and computer system to make different people groups to use their own real nature languages in daily life.

Speaking My Language! Writing My Language!
Free Learning, Free Communication, Free Creation!


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