Reshape The World

The next generation intelligent microcomputer.

The future of mankind was hidden in the past, the true memory of mankind. But, the monster still continually killing the memory of mankind, exterminating their nature language, faking their writing system, pronunciation system, history, culture, everything, enslaving and oppressing millions of peoples like animal. The kind people eat the monster's shit "language" everyday, live in its big lies, full filled their brain with its garbage "language", live as slaves of outside savage tribe, live as benighted inferior animals without consciousness, all their life. The monster cheat peoples by its faked absurd "garbage script", "garbage ancient", fooling peoples, trick ignorant peoples by its faked "cultural relic". The knowledge-lacks fill their brain with shit when they learn to speak the monster's shit "language", to write the monster's shit "characters". What can you do? One thing you can, let them learn and speak true nature language of mankind, let them live with a little bit of dignity and free spirits. The new IT, language education can be a beginning to change the situation.

The foundational technologies of computer system are rather outdated now.

The infrastructure of current computer system was developed in 1960s, they are not designed for nature languages of mankind, and they are not suitable for today's IT environment, for efficient information express, storage, and search. 90% computer systems should be updated with the new text encoding system. 100% publish system should be updated to the new text encoding system and the new indexing system. 100% education system should be updated to nature languages of mankind. Almost all computer system are not nature language based, and UTF-8 encoding is almost everywhere, but in fact UTF-8 was died, Unicode was dead too, they can't be used to fool and cheat people any more. Because brand-new text encoding system, text rendering system and nature language processing model innovated by Sevenuc Consulting today, they will make computer rational and natural, and will deeply change the IT industry, education industry and publish industry.

The new designed text encoding system will completely change the reading and writing system of nature languages of mankind, the typeface and typography solution is completely different from Google, Adobe, Monotype, Apple and Microsoft, the foundational typeface technology of them are outdated now.

The text encoding system, text rendering system, and the nature language understanding model, as the infrastructure for the next generation computer system, a large number of subsystem and solutions included in the design, such as embedded font & font engine, rasterizer, text rendering engine, text layout engine, typography system, digital document solution, digital typefaces design, web browser, file system, network protocol, input method and system, data compression algorithm, programming language design, multimedia design, user interaction interface, GUI and operation system and so on, from 8-bit small embedded system to server cluster, almost everything. As an example, here has an instance intuitively indicate some basic concept of the system, Chinese word segmentation engine, and embedded system design and development based on eCos realtime system, they have something relevant to the system, but not the proposed system and product.

Why design a new computer system?

1. Information compression. Make software as small as possible, make data as small as possible is a design target of the new computer system. The architecture of current computer system is not information compression based on, results that representation, storage and search data taking up too much space. The whole internet is too huge, especially big garbage data, as well as other systems. The newly designed text encoding system can reduce the average size of plain text to 66%. With the new computer system, space occupation will be reduced to an amazing 30% and more compared to the normal forms.

2. Communication. The architecture of current computer system is not natural language oriented, and programming languages also not. With the new computer system, information representation will become not only very efficient, but also very natural, user-friendly. Everyone can easily master ten nature languages of mankind and more, language learning and usage become very easy.

Get involved

It is a series of groundbreaking technologies to process text and nature languages, any operation system, computer system, publisher, or website, dictionary or book will be deeply changed, and will deeply affect how people learn nature languages. Only the text encoding system can earn billions of dollars, the others are more, it is a big investment opportunity, unlike normal investment, on the initial stage, billions of profits can be earned from the alliance and patents licensing with a few investments in short time, but very high level abilities required by the project. We are looking for an appropriate investor for the series of project that will reshape the world by culture, education and IT, please send us a message for further connection if you want to participate in the great things.