Yuet - Cantonese and Hong Kong Slang

Lean how to speaking pure Cantonese.

A native language assistant can always together with you.
Learn the Yale romanisation of Cantonese very easy and efficient.
An English-Cantonese dictionary app with pure pronunciation of Cantonese.


  • Segment sentence or paragraph into words, and automatically generate the corresponding Yale or Jyutping romanisation text.
  • Offline speech synthesis, and speaking word, sentence or a whole paragraph.
  • Stroke animation, demonstrate how to writing each Kanji character (or sinograph).
  • Search the dictionary with English keyword or Chinese keyword.
  • List relevant words, idioms, phrases and sample sentences, and the category of the keywords.
  • Category covered almost any fields, such as agriculture, biology, communications, engineering etc.
  • Sample sentences can be applied to almost any daily scenarios.
  • A large number of valuable materials included, colloquialism, movies, songs and city life of Hong Kong.


1, The Yuet - Chinese speech synthesis engine.
2, Refer another app - Cantonese basic vocabulary and grammar for more.
3, Fun with Cantonese idioms and proverbs.
4, Resources for learning Cantonese.

Download the English-Chinese dictionary app on iTunes:


Resources for learning Cantonese: → materials of book and audio.