Reliable partner for your software architecture design.

Sevenuc Consulting provides you senior consultant service, high-quality architecture design, from microelectronics system, embedded system, mobile device, to tablet PC, desktop and cloud service integrated system solutions. Most of the solution, product design and development services can be based on the engines developed by us, and all of them can be independently embedded in the new proposed product or existing system.

Search Engine and Data Analysis

We provides search engine design and data analysis services. The relevant component includes database extractor/converter, file formatter, spider, web crawler that can extract data from existing databases, file systems, API and web pages, segment the data into words, convert the data to well-defined format, normalise/standardise, data analysis, re-computing and provide new interface based on natural language understanding.

Solution Design

System architecture design, especially real-time system design based on plenty of RTOS. Embedded system design or migration based on eCos, μC/OS-II and μC/OS-III, μClinux, ARM Linux, VxWorks, RTEMS, QNX, ThreadX, mbed OS, picoOS, NuttX, Tiny OS, Contiki, ROS, FreeRTOS, RVM, KVM, Nucleus, pSOS and others. As a system designer, including OS porting and firmware, device driver, low-level graphics engine, framework design and porting, type and layout engine porting, e.g. OpenVG, Skia, Cairo, PDF/PostScript, Quartz, and Pango, FreeType, HarfBuzz, OpenCV, CAD, DjVu and Office Document etc, file system design and application development, emulator, middleware, network protocol stack design and development, library porting, design and porting GUI for smaller device.

Software Development

Enterprise IT system integration, including the technologies used in them but not limited to: CORBA (Tuxedo, Orbix, ACE, TAO, omniORB, MICO), COM/DCOM, message middleware (IBM MQSeries/WebSphere MQ, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ), P2P & distributed computing (MPI, JXTA, Java Space), Lotus Notes and Domino, J2EE/Java EE, Adobe Flash/AIR, Microsoft technologies (Win32, MFC, VB/Delphi, WPF, .NET and Mono etc), and computer virtualisation and cluster technologies, such as VMware, Xen, and Docker etc. Legacy system extension and integration based on application framework, e.g. Weblogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, Resin, Drupal, Django, Rails, and MATLAB, Scilab or GNU Octave, and cloud computing framework integration, Hadoop and AWS etc. Multiple programming language mixed software design, porting and development, across almost all popular database systems (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Informix, Microsoft Access, and NoSQL databases, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Redis, HBase etc), programming languages and operation systems (including Tru64, HP-UX, SCO, AIX, FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows etc) from the DOS era. Cross-platform GUI application design and development (technologies like: OpenGL/OpenGL ES, Qt, GTK+, Motif, GLFW, SDL, EFL, CEGUI, Agar, Tcl/Tk, Flash, Java AWT/Swing, Node and Web technologies and various powerful game engines). Reverse engineering and encryption, security and cryptography relevant technologiesNew 2018, solution design, and pragmatic obfuscatorNew 2018, JIT compiler, customised language virtual machine implementation, including C, C++, Java KVM, Ruby, Lua, TCL, Basic, Pascal, SQLite, ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Perl etc. Virtual Machine, emulator and game engine porting and design, and game migrate to iOS & Android/Tizen from: Amiga, PSP, Palm, Windows Mobile(WinCE), BREW, J2ME/JMEE, MTK, Symbain/S60, Ngage, Nintendo, Wii etc.

Integrate any kinds of device and enterprise-level application, with the intelligent text processing components and new developed iOS, Android and other embedded app, system architecture design and development. No matter what the OS, technologies and the programming languages will be or have been used.