Reliable partner for your software architecture design.

We provides you senior consultant service, high-quality architecture design, from microelectronics system, embedded system, mobile device, to tablet PC, desktop and cloud service integrated system solutions. Sevenuc Consulting have more than 10 years of consulting experience in extremely rich industry fields, provides you the best solution from a number of design options, considering the cost, risk, performance, reliability, and maintainability. We always create innovative solutions to help our clients meet their largest transformational challenges, learn about a variety of different cutting-edge technologies and focus on growing a strong set of technical and consulting skills, then progressing onto solution design and technical leadership roles at increasing levels of responsibility.

By using our industry-leading research, advanced analytics and the latest technology, gaining an understanding of the unique business and technical requirements on each engagement to facilitate the most appropriate solution design, we analyses and develops enterprise technology solutions to solve our clients' complex business issues and help them explore new possibilities. We use agile process to manage the various stages of product development, and advise our clients with innovative solutions to better run their business and frequently go above and beyond expectation of them.