make lyrics sheet easy.

Version 1.0

LyricsMaker is a small tool that was designed to make lyrics sheet for songs easily on macOS. The app generate accurate lyrics sheet using two files, i.e, the audio file and the raw lyrics file, so the lyrics text file required to be well prepared to match the audio content before processing.

If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and found LyricsMaker by searching.



  • Step 1: Click "Choose File" button to open the audio file and its corresponding lyrics text file.
  • Step 2: Click "Play" button to start the audio, and when the playing of the audio at the point that you want to add a segment of sentence, click the sentence in the right side box, the sentence will be automatically copied to the left box with its time tags. Continue this process until the playing of the audio completed.
  • Step 3: After the audio playback completed, check the "Synchronize Lyrics" and then click "Play" button, this time the app will playback the audio and display the generated lyrics at the top left corner. (of course, you can ignore this step and goto Step 1 to start another song.)
  • Step 4: When you satisfied with the result, copy the content of the left side box to the final lyrics file.


  • At Step 2, you can click "Pause" button to pause playing and input a time value into the "Seek to time" field, and then click "Seek" button to seek to the point that you want to back.
    Note: the time value must has correct format, e.g: 01:40:43 or 40:43. (you can also copy the time tag from the left side box and paste it into the field.)
  • At anytime, you can click "Pause" button to pause playing and edit the content of the left side box just like in TextEdit, and then continue until done.
  • You can insert more blank lines into the raw lyrics text file to make it looks better before you process it.

Lyrics sheet header

[ti: Song Title]
[ar: Artist]
[al: Album](optional)
[00:00.00] xxx
[00:xx.xx] ... ...

The lyrics sheet usually have a header like above, please refer the format here.