Version 1.5.7

LittleFox is a small tool designed to help user share audio or video on social websites or make slideshows with speech audio and picture in a simple and efficient way. It was developed to conveniently synthesis subtitle with video or audio without traditional boring works. With the help of it, you can burn your favourite mp3 to video with lyrics sheet in several minutes, make slideshows by merging pictures with speech audio, synchronise some words to an exists video, or just scale the screen size of your videos to slim them so that you can very easily share them on social websites.

Share music and video on social websites

LittleFox can produce very smaller video file than original mp3 or mp4 file so that the produced output file can be suitable to share on social websites, such as Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix etc.

If you can't open the link above, please launch App Store and found LittleFox by searching.



How to add subtitle to audio on Mac?
How to turn my favourite mp3 to video with lyrics sheet?

The follow are the steps about how to synthesis audio with lyrics sheet. Surely you can also synchronise speech audio with pictures using the same steps, this is an very conveniently approach to make slideshow with speech audio.
Step 1. Click to load lyrics sheet file, the app will parse the file line by line automatically. The lyrics sheet file can be easily generated by LyricsMaker which was designed to smoothly pair working with LittleFox.

What is the relation between LittleFox and LyricsMaker?

LyricsMaker designed to generate lyrics sheet but LittleFox designed to burn audio or video with lyrics sheet to movie. LittleFox just uses lyrics sheet as text format to know when words should be showing in the final movie.

Step 2. Right click any original line of the parsed lyrics then click the prompt menu item "Add Image" to load a image file for the selected line. The image file should be PNG or JPEG file format that always has a .png, .jpg or .jpeg extension name. You can click "Preview Image" to view a more bigger size of the loaded image and can click "Remove Image" to delete it if you don't want it. Add images to audio is optional, LittleFox can synthesis audio with lyrics sheet and output movie without any image loaded, so you can skip this step directly.
Step 3. Click to choose an audio file and then the app immediately ask you to select an output directory that the final output movie file will be placed there, the file has a same name with the audio file but with a .mp4 extension name.


How to add subtitle to video on Mac?
How to slim my videos so that I can share them on social websites easily?

The follow are the steps about how to synthesis video with lyrics sheet, of course the content can be anything you put in it.

Step 1. Same as the step 1 of the audio synthesis.
Step 2. Same as step 2 of the audio synthesis, but it's not necessary to add picture to movie in common situation, so this step is optional and you can directly skip this step. (Sometime, you may want add your logo in each frame of the output video).
Step 3. Click to choose a video file and then the app immediately ask you to select a directory that the final output movie file will be placed there, the file has a same name but plus a "+" symbol with the original file name, e.g. test.mp4 will be generated as test+.mp4.
Slim videos: You can sync a movie without lyrics words, it's useful, i.e. just resize the screen size of a video and generate a very small output movie.


Click to specify the default settings of the output movie file.

A. The screen width and height of the output movie, the supported range of them is from 100x60 to 1920x1080.
B. The position of the subtitle on the screen.
C. The font style of the subtitle, there are several combine of Bold(B), Italic(I) and Underline(U) of font style. There, R means regular font style and the number on the left side of Font button is the size of the font.
    You can customise the colours for the subtitle font style:
   . The Front colour of the subtitle.
   . The Background colour of the subtitle.
   . The Shadow colour of the subtitle.
   . The Underline colour of the subtitle.
   . The colour of screen background, this option is only effective for audio synthesis.

D. Click Reset button to restore all settings to defaults.
E. Click OK button to save all settings, your settings will be kept until the next time you changed it.
F. Click Cancel button to give up changing of settings.

Warning: Please check the resolution of output video before synchronise subtitle.


Set subtitle with transparent background or transparent shadow or set the output movie screen transparent background, click the button on the right side of "Background Colour" or the button on the right side of "Shadow Colour" or the button on the right side of "Screen Background", and then on the prompt panel select the colour "White".

What's new:

Pair a translated line with an original line and display them simultaneously. The plussed extra line must begins with "&& " three character (two & symbol and a space), e.g:

[02:18.77]And no other could give more love
&& あなたの愛は十分です

The first line is the original line and the below line is a translated line, the two lines will be simultaneously displayed in the final video.

Font for subtitle

Here's an extremely light style Japanese font which can display more clear Kanji characters on small screen.
You can download the file here: RyoGothicPlusN-ExtraLight.otf.

Prepare video or audio for LittleFox

→ There're some useful commands of FFmpeg that can be used to prepare video or audio for LittleFox.


  1. LyricsMaker, a small util designed to make lyrics sheet for audio or video and can pair working with LittleFox seamlessly.
  2. Personal FTP Server, a small util developed to translate files between iOS device and Mac simple and easy.
  3. Audacity, an excellent cross-platform audio editor that can help you manipulate and convert plenty of audio formats.

Video Samples

となりのトトロ (My Neighbor Totoro), 1988.

もののけ姫 (Princess Mononoke) , 1997.

"Arrietty's Song" come from the respected film 借りぐらしのアリエッティ (The Secret World of Arrietty) , 2010.

めぐる季節 come from the respected film 魔女の宅急便 (Kiki's Delivery Service) , 1989.

The above four music video were come from the respected Japanese animated fantasy films and all of them directed by respected Mr. 宮崎駿 (Miyazaki Hayao), and animated by respected Studio Ghibli. All music except "Arrietty's Song" were written by respected Mr. 久石譲 (Joe Hisaishi). They're made by LyricsMaker and LittleFox, and located here: More video samples placed there with style samples as a reference. You can take a look there and then got the answer of such questions, "How to turn my favourite mp3 to video with lyrics sheet?", "How can I burn lyrics words into video?". You can produce music video that like karaoke video but without the traditional subtitle editor's boring works now.

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