Seeking a leader role

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Respected Madam/Sir,

I am seeking a leader role for the FreeWing charity fund recently. As a global operation manager, have a background that includes: investment management, market development and business relations management is essential.

1. Must has rich international nonprofit organisation business experience.
2. Must has charity fund operation experience.
3. Must has deep knowledge of global culture, history, philosophy and religion.
4. Familiar with the global big organisation operations and capital operations required.
5. Has international bank and fund development and management experience required.
6. Must has ability to develop appropriate coping strategies and measures in a rapidly changing international environment and develop strategic direction for the organisation.

In addition, there is a poem about Machu Picchu specially written for the fund, you can have a look.

We really needs your kindly help to make it grow up.

Best wishes to you and your family.
Yours sincerely,
Henry Yu
Jan 17 2019