Etymology English Dictionary

Professional reference tool.

When you want to study the origin of a word or learn the way in which its meanings have been changed throughout history, a serious and professional etymology English dictionary is very useful for rapidly searching accurate references. Knowing the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning is an important part of language learning. This dictionary has collected a large number of sources, including variant of dictionary, lexicon, encyclopaedia, dialect, argot, jargon, slang, place name, surname, chemical name, music, linguistic data, ancient poems and books, the relations between different languages and other valuable materials, and be developed as a practical and pocket tool.


  • You can not only search words that have the same root, but also can search the etymologies by the word or the root.
  • List the language family, the nationality or the dialect area of the source.
  • Cross references of all root and keyword, you can search whole dictionary by a simple click on the hypertext link.
  • Add or remove your favourite to bookmark and conveniently review them later.



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