Ripples Audio Codec

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Ripples Server is the universal audio format converter that can convert almost any kinds of audio files on Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, PSP and other platforms to Ripples audio compression format.

Ripples Server is also an universal music player than can playback almost all kinds of audio files including Ripples files and the common MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and all others mentioned on the page.

Ripples Server on macOS:

This is a pre-AppStore version of Ripples Server before there's a woking version on Mac AppStore. This version will be removed when Apple approved the app, but before that, please download this version. (9.3MB).
SHA256: 34531aced6afed045502adfb7855d144d0790d13866f85bf9bc4ac24d4452d3f

Ripples Player is the music player for Ripples audio codec that can save large number of disk space and especially designed for iOS devices.

Ripples Player for iOS on App Store:

Ripples Player Screenshots:

uFTP Server

uFTP Server, an Extremely Small Personal FTP Server. The server that can download music files to your iOS devices when you on macOS High Sierra.

Javascript Player

The javascript decoder of Ripples Audio Codec, you can use it in your web page or embedded in your node applications to playback .rip audio files.

Online Demo:

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