macOS Apps

LittleFox is a small tool designed to help user share audio or video on social websites in an efficient way. It was developed to synthesis video or audio to movie with subtitles very conveniently.

Guard7 is a general purpose cryptography tool that was developed as the graphical frontend for the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) on macOS with additional features.

Beak is an ultra small C and C++ obfuscator that used to encrypt your software source code.

LyricsMaker is a small tool that was designed to easily make lyrics sheet for songs on macOS.

uFTP Server is a very simple personal FTP Server designed for macOS without any user authentication, without complex and boring configuration.

Taihaa「睇哈」 是一個特意為需要進行祿命分析的人而開發的命術分析工具軟體。 該軟體提供命理相關基本資訊和相應分析。開發該工具軟體以方便使用者進行便捷的命理計算和分析。

Tungsyu「通書」 是一個為提供農曆相關資訊查詢而特意開發的工具軟體。 使用該工具可以非常方便地進行西曆和農曆的相互轉換和對照。開發該工具軟體以方便使用者進行農曆相關信息的便捷查詢。

iOS Apps

iPowerReader is a very powerful tool designed to manage all kinds of documents on iOS devices. You can read documents, view pictures and play movies with the app. You can conveniently share your documents in your iOS devices between Mac, Windows PC, Linux and other platforms.

Mr.IQ is an utility designed for Raven's Standard IQ Test. It can be used for serious test or only just for fun.

CCReviewer is a powerful Chinese chess machine. It was designed to record chess moves data in international competitions. The app was developed as a powerful tool to learn how to play Chinese Chess in an efficient way. It is also a very powerful chess analysis tool that even give your the ability to participate in any history games in the database.

Small Train is a very special music game designed to suitable for children and parents with IQ challenging based on simple rules. It was developed as a train software that make children happy and smarter.

Etymology English Dictionary is a very useful tool when you want to study the origin of a word or learn the way in which its meanings have been changed throughout history.

Yuet - Cantonese and Hong Kong Slang is a very useful dictionary developed to help people to learn true pronunciation of Cantonese. It can speak word, sentence or a whole paragraph with the pure Hong Kong tongue.

Yuet - Cantonese Grammar and Basic Vocabulary is a very useful self-study tool developed to help people to learn the Yale romanisation of Cantonese and basic vocabulary of Cantonese in daily life very easy and efficient. It is also a grammar handbook with the pronunciation of true native Hong Kong tongue.

Business Chinese is a very useful self-study tool developed to help people to learn the Business Chinese in an efficient way. It can speak word, sentence or a whole paragraph and built in a Kanji character stroke animation engine that can demonstrate how to writing each character.

Chinese Idiom Dictionary is a special dictionary app that collected almost all traditional idioms of in China. Learn the salt of Chinese language and research Chinese idioms become easy with the help of the app.

Business English 900 Sentences is an utility developed to help user to learn spoken English and master the correct pronunciation. It is not only suitable for students but also suitable for businessman and professional persons.

The above macOS Apps (Mac OS X app) and iOS apps are developed as useful tool or just for demonstration purpose, please kindly give us feedback if you meet any issue or have some suggestion, thank you.