Agile Development Management

Release the power of Agile.

What is Agilo Pro?

A flexible, web-based agile management tool that seamlessly supporting the Lean Kanban and Scrum process.

Trac is an open source, web-based project management and bug tracking system designed for Software Configuration Management (SCM). Trac allows hyper linking information between a bug database, revision control and wiki content. It also serves as a web interface to the following revision control systems: Subversion (SVN), Git , Mercurial (hg), Bazaar (bzr) , Perforce, CVS, Monotome and Darcs etc. Trac has been used worldwide, millions of people use Trac for bug tracking and as a web viewer of source code tree, and some projects also like to use Trac's wiki for content management or knowledge management system according to its excellent features.

Agilo Pro, Agilo for Trac, is an improvement version of Trac that be designed to support Agile process management, especially for Scrum and Kanban agile development management. As an Agile project management tool, an excellent team collaboration platform, it tracks and visualises the entire scrum process from the beginning of a sprint to its completion, it is flexible for team collaboration, conveniently for developer team, scrum master, product owner and all stakeholders who are involved in the project. Agilo Pro addresses the needs of each scrum role and facilitates the ceremonies of the scrum process by exposing simple interfaces for managing the scrum artefacts. Agilo Pro is a global leader in distributed agile tool, it's innovative design to adapt to small, medium and large enterprise development management, enabling customer to easily import agile and Kanban development, overcoming management and technical challenges for adopting agile methods. Contact now, up and running Agilo Pro as the high-quality software development infrastructure, so your organisation can be on the way of next generation of agile level too.

Important Features


Sevenuc Consulting provides special localisation of Agilo Pro releases, as well as relative services.

  1. Special version of Agilo Pro that localised for clients' native language, installation and training.
  2. Agile Kanban development training.
  3. Old tools migration and integration, source code management tool migration (such as Perforce, ClearCase, AccuRev, Microsoft TFS and so on), project management and bug tracing tool migration (e.g. JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis, Redmine, etc.).
  4. Continuous integration and build server support, including Hudson/Jenkins, CruiseControl, MsBuild, Apache Continuum, luntbuild, Buildbot etc, and CI tools like GNU make and build automation tool suit, CMake, Rake, Ninja, Google Bazel, Jam, SCons, Shake, Buck, Team Foundation Server, Xcode, Visual Studio, GYP, GN, Cabal, Gradle, Gulp, NAnt, Ant, Pants, Maven, cons, etc.
  5. Language translation, User Interface (GUI) localisation, and technical support.
  6. Agilo Pro upgrade, component replace, and new feature development.


Agilo Pro is the world's most widely used Agile project management tool, the customers includes: Ableton, Realtime System, Servolab, Siemens, SiteMaker, Volkswagen, Etiya, Swedbank Group, Springer, Mitsubishi Electric, Sony Germany, COMPRION GmbH, MeVis Medical Solutions, Atrada AG, Ubisoft, Keygames, Softwareinmotion, Orbit, Filewave, SilverTours GmbH, Landau Media, be2, eBuddy, AT&T, Oracle, Ericsson, DHD24, Hypoport AG,Princeton Financial Systems GmbH, RES Software, ASDIS Software AG, etc.

In addition, we also design and develop enterprise applications based on Python programming language and Django framework.



  1. Request Tracker.
  2. Software Configuration Management.
  3. Enterprise VPN Cloud Hosting.