Running things in silence.

Sevenuc Consulting established in July 2007. At the past, our business is do software outsourcing from global customers, but from 2012, our vision has changed to leverage the culture and powerful intelligence of natural languages to derive product that is amenable to effective communication, utilisation and education for mankind, and the efficient ways of information processing by computer.

Guided by our mission, we are mainly engaged in the solutions of language technology, supports research areas including but not limited to: language technologies for education, knowledge representation, knowledge translation, speech generation and synthesis, speech recognition, natural language understanding, machine translation, machine learning, intelligent information retrieval, storage and search, artificial intelligence, robots, real-time system, cryptography & software protection, data compression, data mining & analytics, multimedia information processing, special-purpose interpreter, compiler and programming language design and implementation.

Good character make good things. We are unique and special, culture oriented, creative and do pioneer works, have the exclusive ability to make philosophy and thinking into your brand, business and products, please contact us and you'll be on the road of unfamiliar, understand, surprise, success, trust and satisfaction.